Judd Series
2007 – 2009

During the 60s, American artist Donald Judd started his celebrated series of wall-mounted sculptures expanding from the ceiling to the floor, reflecting about the use of space. This vertical, lineal dispositions are made of materials that the artist considered to be ‘humble’. Subscribed to Judd’s methods, Dávila appeals to the way we operate in space through addition and subtraction of measures. The artist uses basic arithmetic processes to relate the occupation of the work with the empty space. For his Untitled series started in 2007, Dávila takes this consideration to a new level with the reproduction of the work using materials that turn out to be even more ’humble’. When using found cardboard boxes -considered to be remnants or waste; the artist makes a comment on Minimalism, resuming Judd’s interest to inquire on the origin and source of materials used to create an artwork.