Ceramic, plaster and other materials

Dávila’s sculptural work often expands to different materials and media, including works made with ceramics, plaster, cardboard, metal and found objects. In 2018 the artist developed a series of works using plaster casting molds from a local ceramic factory in Guadalajara, where utilitarian objects along with specialized pieces and artworks are produced. The molds exist as remnants of a previous process, leftovers meant to be discarded or stored for a later use. Their shapes are revealed by having their internal sections covered in gold leaf, hinting the sort of object they produced in the past.

Dávila has also used cardboard, ceramic and glass for creating new versions of iconic works of art from the 20th century, ranging from minimalism to geometric abstraction and referencing specific pieces by Donald Judd and Josef Albers. These series of reconfigurations question the way we consume artworks as visual content, how the politics of recognition function within the contemporary world, and the inherent meanings that are attached to specific materials.