Fuerzas Opuestas | Kewenig, Palma de Mallorca, SP

Kewenig is delighted to present the first exhibition of Jose Dávila with the gallery in our Palma space. Entitled ‘Fuerzas Opuestas’, Dávila’s monumental installation was conceived especially for the oratory, building a dialogue between his raw materials and the unique architecture of the 13th-century chapel. 

La favola della mela | BASE / Progetti per l’arte, Florence, IT

Base / Progetti per l’arte presents the exhibition of Jose Dávila. The project, specifically conceived for the occasion, consists of two site-specific sculptural installations which, crossing the two environments of the non-profit space in Florence, enter into conflict and in harmony with each other at the same time.


Fuerza Bruta | Forum Guanajuato, León, MX

Jose Dávila’s work confronts the fundamental forces of nature and affects the reality; it contains the power of the essential, the weight of raw materials. This exhibition takes a comprehensive trajectory through his sculptural investigations.

NIRIN | 22nd Biennale of Sydney, AU

Jose Dávila has created site-specific sculptures from found objects on Cockatoo Island, metaphors for the forgotten welfare of sandstone, metals and discarded objects that once had usefulness and power.

El primer fuego | Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara, MX

This exhibition replicates the material and relational ecosystem that has emerged at Jose Dávila’s studio throughout years of continuous production. The gallery has been transformed into a work space, reflecting the procedures that precede the finished works.

Directional Energies | Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, US

For this site-specific work Dávila resorted to the museum’s open floor plan, industrial concrete foundation and high ceilings. Using locally sourced materials the artist created balancing and stacked sculptures, staging a struggle of opposing forces.


Pensar como una montaña | Museo Amparo, Puebla, MX

This project originates from a wide range of visual and historical references, as well as from a reflection on the production processes in which the studio plays a central role. The artist reinterprets our relationship with objects and the cultural significance of stone.

The Moment of Suspension | König Galerie, Berlin, DE

For his third solo exhibition at König Galerie, Dávila has poised disparate kinds of lithic bodies ranging from basalt stone and volcanic rock, to more quotidian materials like limestone and concrete against each other to create an interaction of volume and mass.


A Simple Rule to Remember | Franz Josef Kai, Vienna, AT

For his first solo exhibition in Vienna, Dávila conceived a site-specific installation consisting of recent works and works created especially for the exhibition, which correspond to his many years of practice exploiting the characteristics of opposing materials.

Somewhere Behind the Eyes | Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, DE

The starting point of this exhibition is the balance between contrary forces, which are triggered by the varied strength of the chosen materials. By readjusting contrary positions Dávila lets his work oscillate between fragility and stability, relief and tension.

The Body is Lost Outside | Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, DK

Plaster casting molds used in the production of ceramics have been placed throughout the space, their insides gilded in gold leaf. The molds come from a local ceramic factory in Guadalajara, where Dávila is based, they exist as remnants of a process.

Newton’s Fault | Galerie König, Berlin, DE

The exhibited sculptures show a linked sequence of actions and reactions that are temporally paused when all the forces are in complete balance. Fragments and materials seem to work together as a conscious exertion for a specific common purpose.


The Stone that the Builder Refused | König Galerie, Berlin, DE

For his first exhibition at König Galerie, Dávila has created a site-specific sculpture that reacts directly to the space. It includes three large rectangular marble slabs, leaning towards the viewer and supported by dark ratchet straps conjoined by a metal ring.


Practical Structures | SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, US

The site-specific installation is composed of three, tilted pieces of marble held upright by industrial ratchet straps that stretch from the gallery’s walls. As such, the artist creates great dramatic visual and physical effects of scale and balance.



State of Rest | Galería OMR, Mexico City, MX

Dávila’s formula leans towards a dynamic understanding of balance, in which movement can only exist as a parenthetical phenomenon. Shapes are maintained and find their expression through the accumulation of tension which is also their point of origin.

The Lightness of Weight | Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, US

As the title of the exhibition suggests, Dávila imbues his works with a remarkably light presence, emphasizing their diametrically opposed qualities. Dávila presents situations where fragility and resistance inhabit the same sculptural configuration.



The Space Beneath Us | Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, US

The Space Beneath Us is a landscape work that interacts with human activity and scale to become part of the daily life of a park. The installation is a spatial take on the geometric structures of the Homage to the Square paintings and prints by Joseph Albers.


Only the Shadow Knows | Galleria Gentili, Prato, IT

The exhibition takes Plato’s myth of the cavern as a departure point. Through the scope of Architecture and Art, the project focuses on the distance between perception and reality, history and memory, and is based on basic forms and a playful use of materials and space.



2+2=5 | Galería Travesía Cuatro, Madrid, SP

A constant in this exhibition is the reinterpretation of certain works from art history that have influenced Dávila, not only historically but also in scale, in their function and in dialogue with the physical and mental space where they are and are being perceived.


Flying City | Bloomberg Space, London, UK

Davila created a dramatic sculptural presence within Bloomberg Space, appearing to be a floating mirage. Using simple building materials and neon light, he created an eloquent large-scale constellation of geometrical shapes suspended in space.

Untitled (Container) | Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, US

A shipping container used for art transportation is repurposed as raw material. Instead of it being only the recipient of the work, it is the work itself, one that alludes to a Donald Judd’s sculpture in a walk-in, open, human scale.


Space after Space | Borgovico 33, Como, IT

The large hanging installation is a monolithic assembly of wood, aluminum and neon and was conceived as a sort of echo or sculptural double of the cultural associations spatial shell.

X,Y,Z | Zona MACO, Mexico City, MX

X, Y, Z brings together a series of works that approach the transformation of materials, especially in Architecture. The reconfiguration of modernist tradition becomes the starting point for creation.