Outdoor projects

Dávila’s interventions in outdoor settings often intend to present the contrasting characteristics of materials through a dramatic shift in scale. By creating large-scale sculptures the artist produces spatial experiences in which geometric language becomes a tangible and transitable platform. The introduction of these elements into the landscape intends to reveal the hidden aspects of the surrounding environment and the social dynamics that are embedded within the disposition of space.

An example of this are the series of works inspired by Donald Judd’s “Stack” sculptures. Dávila creates an architectural experience by reconfiguring the disposition and general layout of these works, rearranging the involved elements for constructing a sort of transitable pavilion. The shapes used by Judd are magnified until reaching a human scale, and verticality is translated to a horizontal disposition, making more evident its habitable characteristics. The work is executed with a repurposed shipping container, which is cropped into sections respecting Judd’s original dimensions; it remains in between a povera installation, a monument and a useful architectural space.