Newton’s Fault
2018 | Koenig Galerie | Berlin, DE

Two stones in its raw form stabilize the game of weights between the beams. Volcanoes, geothermal energy and the movement of tectonic plates are the primeval sculptors of the rock that anchors Dávila’s sculpture – while the beams that support it are a man-made creation. The dichotomy is also visible in the platonic precise forms of the beams contrasting the organic natural form at the top. The apple is symbolically placed into the sculptural installation – it has a physical meaning in the sense of Newton’s law of gravitation, while simultaneously utilizing a mythological and religious vocabulary. The linked sequence of actions and reactions is temporally paused when all the forces are in complete balance. As in his Joint Effort works, the fragments and materials of the sculpture seem to work together as a conscious exertion for a specific common purpose.