Only the Shadow Knows
2011 | Galleria Gentili | Florence, IT

For Only the Shadow Knows, Dávila approaches Plato’s myth of the cavern as a departure point and a pivotal idea to intertwine the body of works that compose the exhibition. Through the scope of Architecture and Art, the project focuses on the distance between perception and reality, history and memory, and is based on basic forms and a playful use of materials and space.

The first thing we probably notice when we observe an object is its shape, which gives us an immediate impression of its spirit. Responding to shape is the first step in our logical and intuitive search for the meaning of what we see. If responding to shape is a fundamental aspect of seeing an object, it also interacts with all our other perceptual responses by helping us make sense. However, perceptual impressions are not reality, they are only the shadows of the subject/object. Through a series of sculptures, installations, collages and prints, Dávila reminds us of the need to know how to understand and render the shadows of what we see in order to fully discover the source object that creates them.