Space after Space
2007 | Borgovico 33 | Lake Como, IT

In Space after Space, Jose Dávila’s intervention portrays the exhibition space on different levels. Unlike the projects by Maria Papa-Dimitriou and Santiago Cirugeda, which were based on Terragni’s Novocomum and apartment-block terraces in Como, Dávila makes Borgovico 33 the focus of his research. By trying to recreate the interior space of the former church in the negative, Dávila wants to make the place itself visible to the eyes of onlookers. The large hanging installation is a monolithic assembly of wood, aluminium and neon and was conceived as a sort of echo or sculptural double of the cultural associations spatial shell. A platform three meters above the pavement that reproduces the plan of Borgovico 33 free in the emptiness of the church like a big roof covered with industrial ceiling panels.