Studies for Future Buildings
2008 | Renwick Gallery | New York, US

Over the course of three years, Dávila took pictures of objects that he came across in different situations and places. He photographed objects that captured his attention as models for architecture. For his exhibition Studies for Future Buildings, Dávila pulled eleven photographs from this series, and refabricated the found object in each photograph. In this instance, a photographic representation of a lost, original object informs a simulated, authentic object. The artist refers to this moment as ‘hyperproduction’: producing that which has already been produced in order to amplify its existence in reality. He interprets the found object as a model for architecture and uses this idea as both a starting and ending point. For Dávila, the architecture model is imbued with the most attractive aspects of Architecture; it is the place where ideas are free to explore, and where the abstract is involved in the genesis of a structure. Dávila built these models in order to reverse the process of representation and launch a circular process by which he not only appropriates an image, but also appropriates the idea of the found object by rebuilding it using the photograph as a blueprint.