Tectonic Games of Doubt and Desire
2015 | Galerí­a Travesí­a Cuatro | Madrid, SP

The artworks included in the exhibition refer to balance and equilibrium, notions that are generated during the moment of withdrawal between two opposing forces that remained in conflict, finally ceding. This instant of apparent neutrality simultaneously holds the presence of every possibility. The artist seeks to extend this condition of indetermination taking advantage of technical knowledge, commonly used for maximizing the efficiency of materials; instead Dávila transforms them into useless entities. The structural tools are employed for purely poetic ends.

The endless struggle between architecture and the effects of gravity is synthesized through the usage of industrial construction materials for creating these systems of fragility. Lacking any sort of depth, they are reduced to its superficial extension; under the constant threat of fracture and interruption of the tension structures that are constitutive and provide them with autonomy.