The Space Beneath Us
2012 | Art Public, Art Basel Miami Beach | Miami, US

The Space Beneath Us is a landscape work that interacts with human activity and scale to become part of the daily life of a park. The installation is a spatial take on the geometric structures of the Homage to the Square paintings and prints by Joseph Albers. The project continues experimenting with different media to reinterpret Albers’ pieces, a constant interest shown in Davila’s body of work. Once more, the artist explores the possibility of reproducing these colored square-paintings in a three-dimensional way, as well as subverting painting to sculpture and contemplation to activity. The work is built with traditional handmade ceramic from Tlaquepaque, Mexico. This choice of material echoes the variety of components such as ceramic tiles, glass, vinyl, metal; that the artist has implemented in other appropriations of Albers color schemes, in some cases situating his practice under the term. This work refers Albers work and his influence in Minimalist and site-specific sculpture.