The Stone that the Builder Refused
2017 | König Galerie | Berlin, DE

For his first exhibition at Johan König Gallery in Berlin, Dávila has created a site-specific sculpture that reacts directly to the space. It includes three large rectangular marble slabs, leaning towards the viewer and supported by dark ratchet straps conjoined by a central metal ring. The title of the piece alludes to one of the New Testament’s most repeated phrases, “The stone that the builder rejected has become the capstone.” Aside from the moral and spiritual implications of this phrase, what becomes more relevant to Dávila are the layers of mediation that the phrase has undergone over time. Centuries later it was taken by Bob Marley, who took liberties in generating his own particular version of the verse. This process of appropriating an element that is culturally relevant or that has somehow become iconic, and furthermore of subverting the deepest roots of its importance through strategic substitutions of materials, is perhaps Dávila’s most significant mode of operation.