Das muss der Ort seen (This must be the place)
2013 | Figge von Rosen Gallery | Cologne, DE

The five sculptures Dávila has created for the show are another way of memorizing modernist, minimal, post-minimal and poor (in the sense of: Arte Povera) sculpture. However, it is a very loose memory, an association, a working with elements and strategies, and not a precise citation. Thus, here Dávila does not appropriate (and, in the following: varies and develops) forms and ideas other artists had before. It is rather a renaissance of sculptural possibilities that have been implemented in a very contemporary way. ‘Line’ and ‘space’ as well as the coaction of drawing and the third dimension are the dominating topics of these works.

All three-dimensional works of the exhibition have in common the joyous combination of colors and the artist’s willingness to put -beside the spatial composition and the modernist game of balance and equilibrium- the color itself in the foreground. And this again reminds us of Max Bill’s color pillars, his Constellations.