Mobile sculptures

Throughout recent years Dávila has created a large group of kinetic sculptures replicating the geometric arrangements created by the German artist Josef Albers; the individual works from these series display a wide array of dimensions and color palettes. The formal compositions and the color rhythms displayed in Albers’ paintings are replicated in Dávila’s sculpture by means of metal frames suspended from the ceiling that move freely; each metal frame is painted in a different tone producing a certain chromatic cadence. The movement of the floating squares produces a prismatic effect generating an ever-changing visual composition.

The previously two-dimensional pictorial format unfolds itself as a three-dimensional presence; the perception of color depends directly on light and the superficial interactions that the sculptures have with the surrounding space and other nearby objects. The Homage to the Square series by Albers aimed to concretize new ways of color perception, by using movement and expanding the canvas towards its surroundings. Dávila takes these intentions into the sculptural field using industrial materials and offering new perspectives on iconic works of art belonging to recent art history.