Jose Dávila’s recent sculptural work refers to notions of balance and equilibrium, which are generated during the moment of withdrawal between two opposing forces that remained in conflict, finally ceding. The artist seeks to extend this condition of precarious balance and indetermination by taking advantage of the natural disposition of materials to be arranged in relations of correspondence, even though they hold contrasting properties.

The endless struggle between structural systems and the effects of gravity is synthetized in the opposing nature of the elements which eventually reveal a certain composition. Fragility encounters solidity, flexibility is complemented by rigidity; angular edges from industrial materials interact with the more capricious forms found in organic objects.

With these works Dávila proposes an exegesis of minimalist tradition and art history in general, recurring to an object-oriented vocabulary which highlights the specificity of materials, this challenges the scope of understanding provided by the subjective gaze. The sculptures remain as intermediate gestures, somewhere in between looming destruction and immutable permanence.