State of Rest
2014 | OMR Gallery | Mexico City, MX

Rest, as a patient waiting, is possibility and pure potency, is suspension and suspense; as Bartleby the Scrivener’s formula, it is epoché. State of Rest is a pause becoming discontinuous forms, which, in spite of remaining as forms, reveal the sense of their interrupted movement. Resistance to change the movement and direction of the inertial compositions generates a looming battle, manifested in the force and power of the strokes that trace the figure and, at the same time, limit the movement and submit it to rest.

The slabs are supported by a simple gesture of just a few traces reliant of their point of origin, a point that also marks where to return to, so the geometry of the system works. Points, lines and planes are basic elements of drawing; eyebolts, belts and marble are basic elements of Architecture, composition and construction. The results are static, spatial and abstract forms, a mixture of constructive experiment, sculpture and drawing.

The shape remains the same and finds its expression by the internal and organized summation of the system of tensions that creates it. It outlines a tension between the conflict of forces and a possible synthesis as a result of the intensity of the construction. A conflict or struggle without capitulation, unsolved, paused, interrupted. However, it is not just about the balance of a neutralized conflict, it is also an exhaustive functionalization of the elements comprising the structural system. None of the elements can be released; they are submitted to a law, a work and the intensity of an order. Each element has been disposed in favor of the plastic and pictorial dimensions of the structural system.

(excerpt, Geovana Ibarra, 2014)